1.Minimum rental is per day (24 hours).
2.Security deposit is required on all rental services. Refundable within 7 business days upon return of vehicle.
3.Extra charges upon late return.
4.Vehicle for normal use within Malaysia only. Any crime activity involved will be borne by the hirer in total.
5.A photo of the front vehicle with visible car plate number together with the hirer is required upon vehicle collection and the hirer grants permission to use photographs and/or video of the hirer in any marketing related materials such as websites, online platform, and in other communications related to the business of “Angelrush Services” and its subsidiaries.
6.The hirer will be held accountable for any accident and/or damages incurred while renting the vehicle.
7.Hirer is responsible for any damages to the vehicle that cost less than RM3,500.00. Only panel workshop can estimate the total damage and proceed with the repairs. For any damages that costs more than RM3,500.00 the company will proceed with the vehicle insurance claim.
8.In case there is damages found on the vehicle windscreen during rental period, it is the hirer’s responsibility to pay the damages to the company.
9.All summons is at the responsibility of the hirer during the rental period. A rate of RM50 extra will be charged if the hirer request for the company to make the payment in behalf. Company will provide 7 working days as cooling period to be informed on any summons.
10.Hirer is reminded that any part of the vehicle, even the “underbody” and “overhead” damages is at the hirer’s responsibility. The vehicle insurance will be void if the vehicle is not on tarred road & road without name.
11.For any reasons that the company is not able to claim for the vehicle insurance upon accident or damages, the hirer will cover the cost in total.
12.The hirer is obliged to inform the company in any means necessary for vehicle rental extensions before the expiry of the agreement.
13.For weekly or monthly rental (subscriptions) or vehicle rental extensions, the hirer is required to proceed to the company Panel Workshop when the mileage is due for service and/or maintenance. The hirer will refer to the service stickers. An additional surcharge of RM1 per kilometer applies for exceeded mileages. Damages occurred to the vehicle upon exceeding the service mileage will also be borne by the hirer.
14.Any additional balance of rental rate is non-refundable if agreement is terminated before expiry or if the hirer failed to provide 7 days’ notice for weekly or monthly rental (subscriptions).
15.Weekly or Monthly rental (subscriptions) or vehicle rental extensions is to be paid on or before the due date of the agreement. The company reserves the right to collect the vehicle back without any notice if the hirer failed to make the payment on time and any balance of security deposit will be forfeited.
16.No refund for extra fuel upon return. Fuel surcharge applies.
17.Hirer agreed to pay RM400.00 excess fee for third party insurance claim or RM2000.00 excess fee for first party insurance claim. No replacement car is given for first party insurance claim.
18.Hirer is not allowed to SMOKE, VAPE or use any sort of device with the similar use in the vehicle. If found, hirer will be charged RM150.
19.The vehicle has to be returned in the state as was given. The car has to be washed before return unless stated otherwise. Any excessive odour and/or dirt found in the vehicle will be charged a fine of RM300 as cleaning fee.
20.If there is any balance of due payments, the company reserves the right to submit the name of the hirer to CTOS electronic Trade Reference (eTR) system.
21.This agreement will still be valid and active until the return of the vehicle by the hirer.
22.Hirer agreed that any risk taken will solely be at the responsibility of the hirer and agreed to release any and/or all liability to the company (Angelrush Services) and/or to the vehicle owner(s) that may arise before and/or after this agreement.